APsystems QT2D Microinverter

3-phase // 2nd generation

APsystems 2nd generation of native 3-phase microinverters are reaching unprecedented power outputs of 3200VA. Connecting up to 8 high power modules (4 by 2 in series), the QT2D provides a cost-efficient solution ideal for today’s fast growing commercial PV segment.

The innovative design makes the product unique while maximizing power production.The components are encapsulated with silicone to re-duce stress on the electronics, facilitate thermal dissipation, enhance waterproof properties and ensure maximum reliability of the system via rigorous testing methods including accelerated life testing. A 24/7 energy access through apps or web-based portal facilitate remote diagnosis and maintenance.

The new QT2D is interactive with power grids through a feature referred to as RPC (Reactive Power Control) to better manage photovoltaic power spikes in the grid. ln addition, it provides 97% peak efficiency with 20% less components compared to the last generation product. QT2D is a game changer in 3-phase installations for commercial PV rooftops.

  • Designed for 3-phase grid connection
  • 4 input channels
  • Single unit connects to 8 modules
  • Maximum continuous AC output power 3200VA
  • Engineered to match the highest power modules available (Maximum input current 20A)
  • Safety protection relay integrated
  • Adjustable output power factor
  • Balancing 3-phase output