APsystems Monitoring

The APsystems microinverter solution offers intelligent monitoring through the integrated APsystems EMA, our state-of-the-art Energy Communication Unit, and the APsystems EMA, our full-featured Energy Monitoring & Analysis software.

Energy Communication Unit

The APsystems ECU, our state-of-the-art Energy Communication Unit, is the information gateway for our microinverters. The unit collects module performance data from each individual microinverter and transfers this information to an internet database in real time, requiring only a single data and power cable. Through the APsystems EMA software, the APsystems ECU gives you precise analysis of each microinverter and module in your solar installation from any web-connected device. The APsystems ECU’s integrated http webserver offers the simplest and most flexible network integration of any data logger on the market. The user-friendly browser-based interface lets you access your solar array in seconds. Check also our library for the ECU-B for monitoring of up to maximum of 4 modules.


  • Collects individual module and microinverter statistics
  • Communicates in real time
  • Requires no additional wiring
  • Warranty 3 years, IP30
  • ZigBee communication

ECU-C with advanced functions

Energy Communication Unit with advanced functions


  • AC & DC electricity data monitoring
  • Anti-backflow control
  • Enabling communication with centralized monitoring systems
  • Built-in WiFi
  • Adapted to single-phase or three-phase systems
  • Module-level monitoring


Current transformers (CTs) provide a simple and accurate means of measuring current flow within the Electrical network of the system owner. They work with the integrated meter of an ECU-C and enable advanced functions such as consumption/production monitoring or zero export function. APsystems offers a choice between 2 CT models : an 80 amp CT for single phase residential & small commercial PV arrays up to 18 kWp or 3-phase arrays up to 54 kWp; and a 200 amp CT suited for up to a 46 kW single phase system or 136 kWp 3-phase.

& Analysis

The APsystems EMA, our robust wireless Energy Monitoring and Analysis software, enables comprehensive, web-based monitoring that analyzes and reports the performance of each module in your solar array. This real-time data can be accessed from any web-connected device, anywhere, anytime.

Unlike conventional “string” inverter systems, the APsystems EMA gives you control over each individual module and microinverter in your solar array, optimizing performance over the system’s lifetime.

Networked with the advanced APsystems ECU, the APsystems EMA promptly detects any performance issues in your solar array, pinpointing the location and nature of the problem and providing precise guidance for necessary maintenance, all within our user-friendly graphic interface.


  • Monitors and allows analysis of each solar module and microinverter
  • Allows remote access to the solar array
  • Shows performance issues and alerts the user to inverter events
  • Communicates in real time
  • Graphs system solar output over time to boost troubleshooting