New collaboration between APsystems and Solarclarity

New collaboration between APsystems and Solarclarity

At the Solarsolutions Amsterdam trade fair, APsystems signed a partnership agreement with Solarclarity. The manufacturer is entering into a strategic partnership with the distributor.

As part of the collaboration, Solarclarity will distribute APsystems’ inverters and batteries in multiple European countries.


According to the two companies, the collaboration aims to accelerate the deployment of solar energy in Europe with the help of APsystems’ products and Solarclarity’s distribution network. “We are pleased to join forces with APsystems,” says Peter Desmet, Chief Executive Officer of Solarclarity. “This partnership is evidence of our commitment and ongoing quest to add new innovative products to our range. An example of this is APsystems’ new home battery for balconies with solar panels, a market that is rapidly growing, especially in France.”

Rich history

Olivier Jacques, Global President of APsystems, emphasizes that his company brings a rich history of innovation. “Our multi-module microinverters make solar energy more accessible, reliable, and efficient for installers and system owners than ever before. Solarclarity will promote the widespread adoption of our advanced technologies with its deep market penetration and extensive knowledge of Dutch and European distribution channels.” According to Mr.Jacques, the partnership represents a significant step forward. “By combining APsystems’ innovative technologies with Solarclarity’s expertise in distribution, our alliance is ready to make a significant impact on the European solar energy market.”