Upgraded QS1 Microinverter with ZigBee functionality : a genuine game-changer !

APsystems recently expanded the QS1 microinverter with an integrated antenna. The QS1 is a micro-inverter that can connect up to 4 solar panels. Designed for high performance panels with 4 independent MPPTs, the QS1 is the ideal choice when 4 solar panel are connected to one microinverter. Thanks to the integrated antenna, installation is now even faster and easier. With this, the QS1 also has standard Zigbee functionality built in.

Zigbee functionality

APsystems microinverters are communicating via Zigbee communication protocol, which ensures (just like for example Wifi and Bluetooth) that they are in contact with each other and can always communicate. Zigbee is a “mesh” network which means that every device with this functionality is connected by using sensors.

Because the devices are mutually connected, the range is increased and they can take over each other’s communication function. They create their own network of communication. This way communication can still take place in the event of a device failure. If an inverter does not connect or fails due to unpredictable reason, contact can still be made from another (Zigbee) device. In a mesh network, everything works together at a distance of 10 to 20 meters, whereby the range depends on signal strength, interference or interference with the signal, such as through walls or electricity. The Zigbee protocol uses the same encryption as banks, 128 bit symmetrical, and is secure.

Maximum power: MPPT

The power that a solar panel can deliver will change every hour of the day due to the light intensity, shade, but also due to the temperature. The MPPT functionality (Maximum Power Point Tracker), will allow the solar panel to perform optimally (and not maximally) and look for the greatest possible power. The inverter will determine the output voltage of the solar panel to achieve the best and correct power output. The MPPT is therefore not a fixed value due to variation in weather, light intensity and temperature. A solar panel will generally not deliver the maximum when the sun shines strongly. APsystems microinverters ensure maximum yield per solar panel. Each solar panel connected to a micro-inverter has separate MPPT (Maximum Peak Power Tracking) control, which supplies the maximum amount of power to the electricity grid, regardless of the performance of the other panels in the setup.

Module-level monitoring

The QS1 micro-inverter in combination with an ECU-R or ECU-C  gateway and the APsystems EMA application (Energy Monitoring and Analysis software) offers you extensive monitoring of your solar panel system through a user-friendly application. The software analyzes and reports the performance of every panel in your solar system. You can view this data using your computer, tablet or mobile. In contrast to many conventional “string” systems, the APsystems EMA offers you control of every individual solar panel and micro-inverter in your solar system and optimization of performance over the lifetime.

The APsystems ECU gateway continuously detects the micro-inverters and solar panels that cause any malfunctions and are connected to your solar panel system. The ECU can also be used to reconfigure and remotely diagnose your system. The web server integrated into the APsystems ECU offers you a clear overview of the performance of your PV system in a few seconds.

Ask your distributor about the possibilities and availability of the QS1 microinverter.

Thank you for visiting us at a great European Intersolar edition 2019 !

The APsystems team was pleased to introduce you to the company’s already well-known power electronics expertise through its new line of compatible multi-module microinverter solutions including the YC600 and QS1.

The casual networking events held at Novotel Munich were also the opportunity to unveil the APstorage offer, an innovation currently in development phase presented in exclusivity during Intersolar.

The fully integrated ongrid APsystems  Energy Storage Solution is the perfect platform to be combined with the YC600 and QS1 microinverter ranges in residential solar. A modular storage platform from 2.5 kWh to 10 kWh leveraging APsystems’ QS1 power conversion microinverter technology  & planned to be introduced at the end of the year in several part of the world including Germany, Australia and the UK.

A complete solution was presented including a control unit, a battery system, an energy monitoring and analysis platform &  a commissionning app. The upcoming APstorage solution ranges not only works with APsystems microinverters but can also be combined with any other AC-coupled PV power source.

Olivier Jacques, APsystems President , Global Business Units, got the opportunity to present the solution in more details at the EES forum, on may 16th. Find out more on the EES forum conference program details here.

APsystems QS1 Microinverter NOW SHIPPING

The APsystems QS1, an innovative four-module, single-phase microinverter for residential applications, is now shipping.

A bold step forward in microinverter technology, the QS1 offers 300% faster installation time, while offering the highest peak output power and up to 3X faster data transmission speed than PLC. A wider MPPT voltage range will result in a greater energy harvest for homeowners.

The first of its kind, the QS1 is designed to accommodate today’s high output PV panels up to 375W, offering 300W AC output per channel, highest in the microinverter segment. The unit significantly reduces installation time and costs, taking the place of four conventional microinverters per each QS1 installed while providing independent MPPT for each module.

The QS1 shares common AC trunk cabling with APsystems’popular dual-module YC600 microinverter, offering flexible mix-and-match compatibility on the same circuit to enhance site design capability and maximize circuit capacity. Both microinverters utilize the same gateways; installers can choose from the ECU-R, for single or multi-residential installations, or the ECU-C, for applications requiring consumption monitoring and advanced contact/relay features.

The QS1 builds on the successful APsystems line of multi-module microinverters, simplifying installation while reducing installer costs and time on the job site.

QS1 features include:

  • Four-module microinverter with independent MPPT
  • 300% faster installation than conventional microinverters
  • 300VA peak output per channel
  • Accommodates modules up to 375W
  • Wide MPPT voltage range (22V-45V)
  • Meets NEC 2014/2017 690.12 Rapid Shutdown requirements
  • Ultra-fast 2.4 GHz ZigBee communications & Free Monitoring

Contact your local distributor or sales.emea@APsystems.com to bring the QS1 to your customers today.

Come and meet the APsystems team on stand 6L29 at the Bepositive show in Lyon, 13th-15th February 2019

Held every 2 years and bringing together over 550 exhibitors and 30000 professional visitors working in renewable energies, sustainable buildings and technologies, Bepositive has become a real meeting place  for exchanges between solar installers, manufacturers, specifiers and more.

With offices based in Rotterdam, Netherlands since 2015 and Lyon, France since 2016, the entire European APsystems team will be delighted to welcome you to stand 6L29 where we will present the full range of multi-module micro-inverters perfectly suited to residential and commercial solar.

Come and discover the new DUO YC600 and QUAD QS1 micro-inverters, two single-phase micro-inverters, with independant MPPT per module and using the same cables and accessories for higher flexibility and faster installation.


The QS1 has been shortlisted to participate in the BePOSITIVE Award competition, which will take place on February 13 at 5 pm

QS1 technology builds on APsystems’ successful multi-module microinverter family, offering lower logistics costs, integrated ZigBee communication and connection capabilities, and a wider MPPT voltage range for greater energy harvest in low light conditions.

Founded in 2009 in Silicon Valley in the United States, APsystems has grown to become the world’s number 2 in the solar inverter microinverter segment. Offering a wide range of micro-inverter solutions ideal for residential and large roofs, APsystems continues to be a leader in photovoltaic innovation worldwide. Certified ISO9001 and ISO 14001 and profitable since 2012, APsystems offers guaranteed products up to 20 years. APsystems serves through its network of partners, thousands of customers in over 80 countries worldwide.

Come & visit us to talk with our team and get the latest information on our product portfolio including new powerful innovations for 2019  at the BePOSITIVE show.

Date: 13th-15th February 2019

Booth# : 6L29

Venue : Eurexpo exhibition center, Lyon, France

APsystems to Launch QS1 Four-Module 1200W Microinverter at Solar Power International, USA


SEATTLE, Wa.; ROTTERDAM, Netherlands; JIAXING, China – August 27, 2018 – APsystems will unveil the QS1, a four-module, single phase microinverter for residential applications at the Solar Power International trade show in Anaheim, USA. A new design for APsystems, the QS1 offers 75% faster installation time, while offering the highest peak output power and up to 3X faster transmission speed than conventional microinverters. A wider MPPT voltage range will result in a greater energy harvest for homeowners.

The first of its kind, the QS1 is designed to accommodate today’s high output PV panels, offer enhanced capability and significantly reduce installation time and costs while providing an unprecedented level of power with four independent MPPT per channel. Common AC trunk cabling with the dual-module YC600, offers flexible mix-and-match compatibility on the same circuit and with the same gateway (ECU-R or ECU-C).

The unit also builds on the successful APsystems line of multi-module microinverters, offering reduced logistics costs and integrated communication and connection features.

The new microinverter will debut at the APsystems booth #2838 September 25-27 at SPI, USA.

APsystems at the JF4S 10th PV Briefing & EES Forum @ Intersolar Europe


APsystems will participate in the 10th ‘PV Briefing & Networking Forum Europe’ on Thursday, 21 June 2018 from 3.45PM am to 4 PM at Intersolar Europe in Munich, Hall A2 4 Booth A2 111 with the following track:

APsystems Smart-Grid Ready Microinverters Range Opens up New Opportunities for the Solar Industry in Germany, Maxime Boiron, Senior Director of Marketing EMEA, APsystems EMEA

See full detailed agenda here :

In addition to a lively exchange of ideas and knowledge, the programme offers outstanding networking opportunities with more than 200 like-minded experts from the international solar and energy storage industry.

Olivier Jacques, President EMEA & USA – Global Executive VP, APsystems’ will be a featured speaker at the EES and Power2 Drive forum that will be held during Intersolar Europe on June 22, 3.40 PM Hall C1, booth C1.630 and organized by IBESA International Alliance. Mr Jacques will cover how Quality Management enables MLPE innovations to scale globally while driving sustainable profitability

For more information on the details , click here.

See the POST in German here

More power, smart-grid ready with new YC600 microinverter

The powerful new YC600 microinverter from APsystems is the forward-thinking choice in all solar markets. Seattle-area installer Puget Sound Solar chose the YC600 for a recent residential installation in the Magnolia neighborhood, where homeowners will benefit from the 300VA peak output to take maximum advantage of Washington state’s progressive net metering program. The 7.7kW system called for 22 modules arrayed over four distinct roof slopes on the multi-story home, using APsystems microinverters for design flexibility. Inherently smart-grid compliant with Reactive Power Control technology, the YC600 is designed and built for utility-interactive requirements today and into the future.

Installer: Puget Sound Solar
Location: Magnolia neighborhood, Seattle
Installation Date: 2018
System capacity (kw): 7.7kW
Microinverter: APsystems YC600
No. of Microinverters: 11
Number of modules: 22
Module brand/wattage: LG 350W, 60 cell

APsystems expands EMA system monitoring, supported languages & alert capabilities

APsystems EMA monitoring web portal now available in Portuguese

APsystems is proud to launch a Portuguese language option for its Energy Monitoring & Analysis (EMA) web portal to enhance service to its Portuguese-speaking customers around the world. Users can view their solar array performance using the same URL and log-in information as before at APsystemsEMA.com.

APsystems now offers 4 language options for its EMA portal for regional markets including English, Chinese, French and Portuguese. The web-based platform, available for free on any connected device, monitors and reports module-level energy production of solar arrays. It also enables APsystems-registered solar installers and contractors to create and manage their customer’s energy monitoring accounts.

The new language version adds convenience for Portuguese-speaking APsystems customers in Europe and Latin American to help them better manage their solar systems.

New features provide comprehensive visibility and enhanced remote troubleshooting

APsystems proudly announces new system monitoring alert capabilities within its online EMA portal. The new alerts will improve communication regarding any production and communication issues with an enhanced email alert protocol, giving installers and homeowners further insight into any potential issues affecting their systems.

While the APsystems EMA has always provided system production reports and alerts, the new alerts will be more targeted, more frequent and more informative.

  1. System alerts will notify an installer if one of their installed systems has an inverter that ceases producing energy.
  2. Registration alerts are issued in the case of inaccurate or incomplete system registration.
  3. Communication interrupt alerts will notify installers in cases where their ECU gateway ceases communicating properly with the EMA online monitoring system which could indicate an interruption of communication between inverters, ECU and/or EMA; or simply a local internet, ISP or router issue.
  4. Production alerts will notify installers of unusually low power production at the individual inverter level, giving them an opportunity to check status online and verify proper operation.

These alerts offer installers a more refined tool for notification and troubleshooting of potential system issues. As with any apparent issue, APsystems always recommends contacting our technical support team if you suspect a problem. Most issues can be reviewed and resolved online and without a truck roll.

Changes made to the EMA are seamless and will be automatically available to all new registered systems and over 31,000 existing APsystems installations worldwide.

Come and meet the APsystems team on stand D11 at the Solarsolutions show in the Netherlands, March 21-22 2018

Bringing together over 5000 professional visitors working in renewable energies and more specifically in the Solar Industry, Solarsolutions has become a real meeting place  for exchanges between solar installers, manufacturers, distributors, specifiers and more.

Solarsolutions is held every year and is based in Expo Haarlemmermeer, near Schiphol Airport Amsterdam, The Netherlands,  less than 1 hour’s drive from APsystems’ Benelux office (close to Rotterdam). Our APsystems European team is therefore delighted to welcome you on our stand, D11  where we will be showcasing our best seller duo YC500i microinverters, ideal to address the self-consumption dynamic in residential, as well as our YC1000, the 1st three-phase native microinverter connecting up to 4 PV modules. but also a brand new product – the YC600 –  ideal for social housing projects in the Netherlands, an innovative duo microinverter managing High Power modules and offering robust ZigBee communication features. It will also be the opportunity to discover our full range of communication gateways including our new ECU-C with advanced functions such as 0 export control functions or consumption monitoring as well as our new cost-efficient ECU-R, fully optimized for residential applications.


Don’t miss the opportunity to also stop by APsystems POD on the innovation boulevard and discover POP Eco from our partner POPSUN, an innovative DIY self-consumption kit easy to install in only 5 minutes,  combining APsystems’ new YC600 microinverters with an innovative certified tracker structure from POPSUN enabling Dutch households to harvest up to 45 % more energy than traditional kits  while rightsizing the power they need in the house from 300 Wp to 3kWp system.


Come & visit us to talk with our team and get the latest information on our product portfolio including new powerful innovations for 2018 that will be unveiled at the show.


 FREE invitation available ! Register and use the following invitation code : 18ticket561 on Solarsolutions website here.

Date:  March 21-22 2018

Booth# :D11

Venue : Expo Haarlemmermeer, The Netherlands