“Solar Residential in Sweden, a 3-phase play, ideal for YC1000 from APsystems”

VIPRO, (Vätterstadens Installationsprojektering AB), an experienced installer, located in Jönköping, the southern central part of Sweden, has been specializing since the middle of the years 2010 in building renovation, electrical design and smart home solutions. Designing and offering the most innovative and eco-friendly solutions to its customers has always been the approach that VIPRO has been committed to embrace as its working principles.  Recently, the company was convinced by the flexibility and ease of installation offered by the APsystems YC1000 microinverter, considering it ideal for residential solar in Sweden.

“Most, if not all, residences here in Sweden are 3-phase. Offering the possibility of a native 3-phase microinverter  solution connecting 4 modules each makes the solar installation much quicker, plus we can access production and consumption monitoring remotely to manage the after-sales service. That’s very handy”, said Kim Fast, CEO of Vipro. “We have completed quite a few solar  installations in Jönköping with APsystems micros and we are very satisfied “ he added.

Installer: vipro ((Vätterstadens Installationsprojektering AB)

Distributor : Kraftpojkarna

Size: 13 kw

Location: Jönköping , Sweden

Module Type: 44 x Jinko 305 W

Microinverter type: YC1000

Size: 20 kw

Location: Jönköping , Sweden

Module Type: 55 x Jinko 370 W

Microinverter type:  YC1000