Reducing power consumption and delivering an energy neutral home are the specialties of QueSolar.

What makes QueSolar unique?

‘’We are mainly active in new construction. Several large housing corporations are in our client portfolio and we are proud of that. Due to such clients we need knowledge about many aspects of that specific market. At first you should be an experienced installer with considerable technical knowledge. It is also necessary to be up-to-date concerning subsidies, awards, logistics and ever-changing regulations. Before the first microinverter is installed a lot of forethought is needed ”, says Jacky Hüffner Owner/ Director of Quesolar B.V, Barneveld Netherlands

So you install and sell APsystems a considerable number of  micro-inverters?

“Indeed. I install a lot of microinverters from APsystems, not only for their excellent quality, but they are literally my modular building blocks and offer my clients the best possible product. These products are extremely powerful, smart and cost-effective microinverters; the customer also appreciates being able to consult the APsystems Monitoring (EMA) application”

What will be the direction of QueSolar ?
“It’s clear that the sun will continue to set in the coming years and will not shine at night and neither will the wind blow continuously. That’s why I put my cards on batteries. If every home is equipped with a battery, energy neutrality comes a lot closer. I would like to install batteries from APsystems. I have no doubt that they will have the well-known APsystems quality. But they should be available soon”.

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Installer: QueSolar B.V. Barneveld Netherlands

Size: 366 kW

Location: Nijkerk Netherlands

Module Type: DMEGC 320WP/330WP

Microinverter type: YC600 & QS1