Self-consumption takes off in Spain with QS1 microinverters

The new APsystems QS1 four module in one microinverter powers a small workshop at a private residence in Algete, Madrid with a 3-phase 9 kWp solar installation. It proved to be a complicated installation because the angle of the roof is 60º.  The installation was also on a separate building to where the main AC switchboard is located (over 50 meters away).

Leveraging wireless Zigbee communications with APsystems microinverter technology, meant the installer did not have to install a separate communications cable, thereby reducing the overall cost of the installation.

On top of that, combining outstanding power handling and unprecedented 1:4 ratio, with powerful per module monitoring from their smartphone convinced both Aurinka PV, a Madrid based solar PV installer with over 30 years experience and  the homeowner who was eager to reduce his electricity bills with solar power,  to go with QS1 microinverters.

Using just 6 QS1 units were needed to handle 24 high power modules (375 watt) from RED SOLAR .  Aurinka PV also commented on the fact that having the ability to pre-configure the monitoring platform (EMA) and energy communications unit (ECU) beforehand in the office, meant an additional saving in time during the installation process. And because the QS1 is plug & play, the overall time spent on site was far less than if they were installing a traditional string inverter.

The system was commissioned in July 2019 and will produce an expected 14.2 MW/year, and replace 122.2 tons of CO2 emissions over the 30 year expected lifetime of the installation..

Project: EFI007
Location: Algete, Madrid
Installer: Aurinka PV
Installation Date: July 2019
System capacity (kw): 9kW
Microinverter: APsystems QS1
No. of Microinverters: 6
Number of modules: 24
Module brand/wattage: RedSolar 375W