“The University of Lausanne goes into self-consumption with TRITEC!”

Since the beginning of the year, the Swiss government has decided to focus its energy policy in favor of self-consumption. The FiT mechanism will tend to disappear in the next few years. By setting up incentives for self-consumption facilities, the government encourages both individuals and professionals to install this type of solar generator for self-consumption (with or without storage) on roofs.

In this very favorable context, the University of Lausanne is adapting its strategy for sustainable development and wants to equip all the roofs of its buildings.

TRITEC responded to the various calls for tenders launched by the university and succeeded in obtaining the contract for two buildings with APsystems microinverters. These two projects represent a total power of 318 kWp on 2 buildings, with 190 kWp for the “Extranef” project and 128 kWp for the “Unicentre”. building “. This university is very active throughout the year and thanks to these two solar installations, its electricity bill will be significantly reduced.

Regarding the equipment of these 2 buildings, numerous constraints were encountered in the installation of the 2 plants in self-consumption and in particular concerning the inverters. The two main reasons for choosing the APsystems YC1000 microinverter were, on the one hand, the aesthetics of the buildings that had to be preserved vis-à-vis the university’s neighborhood and on the other hand, there was restricted available space in the buildings, so the micro-inverter was the obvious solution for the owner.

The APsystems YC1000  is considerably more aesthetic because it is hidden under the modules, and therefore represents a significant gain of space and no need to pull cables or to build a specific room. In addition, given the organization of the two buildings to be equipped, the cost of the passages and the installation of central inverters would have been much higher. In addition, on the Unicentre project of 128 kWp, there was a problem of shading. The microinverter is the ideal solution to optimize production in this case.

Installer: TRITEC SA

Size: Extranef: 190.08kWc, Unicentre: 128.52kWc

Location: Lausanne, Switzerland

Module Type: QCell’s QPower-G5 270

Microinverter type: YC1000

With nearly 30 years of experience in the field of photovoltaics, TRITEC is now positioned as one of the leaders of this market in Switzerland. TRITEC now has skills in the following areas:

Developer and manufacturer of mounting systems: TRITEC has its own range of mounting systems (TRI-STAND)

Distributor / wholesaler of complete systems: TRITEC has a portfolio of products allowing installers to order complete photovoltaic systems (structure, module, inverters, accessories)

TRITEC also positions itself as an installer for industrial-scale projects Present in Switzerland and in Germany, TRITEC delivers more than 1000 systems every year and develops and builds in Switzerland almost exclusively self-consumption projects.

Since 2015, TRITEC has been majority-owned by the Swiss company Energiedienst AG, a pioneer in renewable energies since the 19th century with hydroelectric dams along the Rhine.