Colegio Agustiniano, Guatemala

One of the installations undertaken in the Latin American region is located at Colegio Agustiniano in Mixco, Guatemala City, Guatemala. The project comprises 100 QT2 units with an anticipated expansion. Currently, it generates 220 kW to supply electrical energy to the institution.

Equipped with 400 550W photovoltaic modules, the system plays a vital role in reducing carbon emissions and achieving current economic savings of 90%.

Known for its exceptional effectiveness in the market, the QT2 ensures high reliability for both installers and users.

Project name: Colegio Agustiniano
Location: Mixco, Guatemala, Guatemala
Installer: Infinite Power
Capacity: 220 kW
Microinverter: APsystems QT2 208V
Number of microinverters: 100