722 kW, Ground-Mount system Mardin, Turkey

A cement plant located in the Mardin area, Turkey chooses APsystems YC1000 microinverters to go solar bringing them a safer and more productive installation to sell clean energy to Turkish utilities. 

Combining maximum solar energy harvest with fast and easy installation have certainly been the biggest drivers to choose APsystems Micros. Having  access to an intelligent and intuitive monitoring portal with the EMA is  also key, allowing a per module performance view and therefore enabling Elektroenerji, the installer, to enhance his customer relationship by offering great service with clear preventive and corrective maintenance as needed.

Installer: Elektroenerji

Location: Mardin, Turkey

Capacity: 722kw, Grountd Mount systems

Inverter: APsystems YC1000 microinverters

No. of Microinverters: 722

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