Wentai 2MW Distributed PV Power Station

This large-scale installation allows a side-by-side comparison of the output from microinverters and conventional string inverters, with microinverter performance comparing favorably. The installation will serve as a testing facility for new APsystems microinverter products.

Owner: This is the first project in China developed with APsystems as a major investor.

Location: Science and Technology Park, Jiaxing, Zhejiang
Capacity: 2MW
Completed: April 2015
Number of modules: 6,847 (250W and 300W)
Types and Number of the inverter: APsystems YC200 (666 units),YC250A (516),YC-250I (184),YC500 (1,580), YC1000 (285), plus 10 string inverters