Enter the DS3 Photos contest! Competition open to professional installers using the DS3 microinverter.


Submit the best photos of your installations with DS3 microinverters and get the chance to win € 500 in vouchers. Winners each month until March 31st, 2022.

Take part in the photography competition that APsystems is launching this winter. Stand out from competition with your DS3 micros in action! Get creative and you could win € 500.

Exclusively reserved for installers using our DS3 series of microinverters.

Share your best project with us – what sets it apart, from conception to commissioning. Is it an exceptional or original project? Is its roofing unique, complex, is the economic model supporting it innovative? Does the type of building that accommodates have particular constraints? Explain it to us and share the details of the project (using the form on the right), including a brief description of the installation. Be sure to include photos and close-ups that show our DS3 microinverters in action. Entries will be judged by the APsystems team.

Take this opportunity to not only try to win 500 € but also gain visibility through projects that will be showcased on our website and other communication platforms. Submit your application using the form on this page. If the photos are too large (> 5MB), we invite you to send them by shared transfer link or by email to emea@apsystems.com.

Please read the terms and conditions of the contest before entering. If you have any questions, you can use the form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. This competition is open all winter until the end of March 2022. For residential or commercial solar applications: submit your best photos of installations with DS3 microinverters and you could WIN € 500€.

Please read the Terms and Conditions here before applying.

Please complete the questionnaire below to participate in the APsystems photo competition.

in kW and DS3 model type
Name brand module & power size (ie. 440Wp)
Please only upload images with JPEG, PNG or GIF format ( max size allowed 5 MB).
Please only upload images with JPEG, PNG or GIF format ( max size allowed 5 MB).
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General conditions of APsystems Photo Contest
Submission requirements

Projects from APsystems EMEA region only. Multiple entries are permitted, but only
one entry per project will be evaluated. If multiple entries are received for a single
project, APsystems will judge based on the submission with the greatest amount of
accompanying information. Submissions must utilize APsystems DS3 microinverters
in all or part of the project. Each submission must include: company name, project
name, location, capacity/size, number of DS3 microinverters used, a brief project
statement including any details on special purpose/challenges/unique characteristics,
a short statement about how APsystems microinverters helped make the project
successful, and project photos (up to 5 photos). Please submit only one formular per
project and use a file share service for photos larger than 5MB. All projects must
be submitted no later than March 31st, 2022.

Selection of winners

APsystems reserves the right to judge and award projects based on its own criteria and
not specific to any predetermined formula or requirements. The judging and award
are subject to APsystems preference and contestants who enter affirm they are
aware of the subjective nature of this contest and agree not to dispute the results.
Entrants also agree to hold APsystems harmless from any expenses accrued in compiling
and submitting an entry, taking or obtaining project photos, or any costs involved in
the contest submission.

Acceptance of terms and conditions

By entering into the APsystems Photo Contest, you affirm that you are legally permitted as an agent of your company to enter into the contest under the terms outlined herein, and agree to adhere to these terms.
By entering into the contest, you grant APsystems permission to announce your project, company, project photos and details in its award announcement. Further, you also grant APsystems permission to use said project information and photos in its future promotions and on website.

The entrant agrees to be named by APsystems in connection with photos and content from their reference entry form for a range of marketing activities related to the contest. The entrant grants APsystems irrevocable and the rights of use and exploitation of the submitted photos and text without any restrictions. This includes, in particular, the right to use the photo(s) uploaded in connection to the contest as a whole or in part, unchanged or edited/redesigned within the framework of APsystems marketing activities.

APsystems will not accept liability for the downloading of photos/text and the subsequent usage by third parties.

APsystems reserves the right to update award terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. The most current terms and conditions can be viewed on this page. You are responsible for checking these terms and conditions periodically for changes.


Entrants agree to hold APsystems harmless from legal action brought to them by third parties as a result of the contest, selection, award, announcement or promotion arising out of the contents you submit, e-mail or otherwise transmit. Entrants further acknowledge that they are legally responsible for the content submitted and that APsystems is not liable for any consequences resulting from incorrect, misrepresented or plagiarized submissions.