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APsystems est classé N°2 mondial des fabricants de micro-onduleurs indépendants en part de marché


Changement d’échelle pour la technologie solaire


Solutions AC distribuées pour un monde durable


Puissant. Intelligent. Compétitif. Sûr.


Applications résidentielles et grandes toitures

Leader mondial de la technologie MLPE multi-platformes.

Les solutions micro-onduleurs les plus intelligentes sur le marché aujourd’hui – et demain.. L’innovation permet à APsystems de proposer des solutions solaires en avance sur la concurrence, pour des installations plus puissantes et permettant un rendement et une production maximum.

Micro-onduleurs APsystems

Les micro-onduleurs APsystems sont basés sur une technologie fiable et très avancée, permettant un positionnement marché très compétitif à la fois sur le résidentiel mais aussi sur le segment des grandes toitures tertiaires, industrielles ou agricoles. Notre architecture propriétaire issue de technologies semi-conducteurs innovantes vous garantit un rendement maximum et offre la possibilité de pré-paramétrer les micro-onduleurs sur n’importe quel profil réseau local pour une installation plus rapide.

Passerelle de communication ECU d’APsystems

La passerelle de communication ECU d’APsystems, collecte et transmet les données de performance du système en temps réel, vous apportant un contrôle complet sur chaque module de votre installation.

Monitoring EMA, APsystems

La plateforme de monitoring EMA (Energy Monitoring & Analysis) d’APsystems vous propose une visualisation des données de performance de votre système via n’importe quel appareil connecté au web, tablette ou smartphone. La plateforme EMA vous facilite la gestion de vos installations et vous alertera sur des problèmes éventuels de performance, pour une disponibilité de production maximale.


Les solutions APsystems sont adoptés chaque jour par les professionnels du solaire du monde entier. Découvrez une sélection d’installations de nos partenaires.

Pourquoi les solutions APsystems?

APsystems est classé no. 2 mondial des fabricants de micro-onduleurs en part de marché en2014

(source: GTM Research, Smart and AC PV Modules 2015 – 2020).


Les micro-onduleurs d’APsystems révolutionne la technologie micro-onduleurs solaire. Cliquez ici pour en savoir plus.

Témoignages Clients

“APsystems is leading the industry in solar microinverter innovations. Its revolutionary approach of individualized, maximized microinverters paired with its quality products and ease of installation is what separates it from the crowd.”

Bill Beedonmarketing and business development manager, Next Generation Energy ngeus.com

“The microinverter is still a young product compared to string inverters, and APsystems has come to play a good role in the growth of this market. APsystems, with its 500-watt output model, will be a leader in this category.”

Alberto MedranoCEO, Albasolaralbasolar.com

“APsystems offers the most advanced microinverters on the market today, so adding them to our product offerings is a natural. Our installers and end customers will be impressed by the power and reliability the APsystems solution brings to their solar systems.”

Jesse StubbsCEO, Clean Energy Distributioncleanenergydistribution.com

We are choosing APsystems as our microinverter because they are second to none in their functionality, efficiency and durability. Their production specifications are becoming the benchmark of what a microinverter should be able to do and produce.

Ty SimpsonDirector of Sales, Bland Solar & Airblandsolar.com

As a full-service supplier of photovoltaics, we strive to outfit our installers with the top technology and most reliable products available. We’re impressed by APsystems products, service and support, and we’re glad to offer them in this market.

Bill FeldmannChief Operating Officer for Empire Clean Energy Supplyempirecleanenergy.com

“We are always looking for cutting-edge technology in order to offer the best solutions. Our technology partners in the U.S. like APsystems always provide us with the best quality products.”

Oscar Jiménez VelázquezDirector General, Advance Green Power, Mexico Cityadgreenpower.com

APsystems has the pulse of the market. They bring stable, consistent products with pricing that helps distributors and end users meet their goal to transition to renewable energy, with realistic and affordable options. Also, the APsystems support team is awesome.

Mario FajardoPresident, Utilities Supply Corp.

APsystems microinverters are much easier to install than the other ‘major’ company’s inverters. There is no expensive trunk line to stock, as the AC lines are attached to inverters. Also, there is one inverter per two modules, so only half the inverters to install and ground.  With one inverter per two modules, it allows for an easy install for various layouts.

John Harleyvice president of production, Brimma Solar brimmasolar.com

APsystems is the only microinverter on the market for 300-watt panels with a 25-year warranty. Being twin inverters, APsystems microinverters are less costly because only one inverter is needed for every two panels. APsystems is the world’s leading brand for microinverters, and we’re very happy with the product.

Frank RiegerFounder and CEO, Sol-Up USAsolup.com

APsystems is a valued inverter partner for tenKsolar and an important piece of our integrated rooftop PV system – the RAIS® XT. The RAIS® XT leads the market in energy density and cost of energy, and our inversion model is critical to that performance. With APsystems as a partner, we are able to provide inversion that is fully redundant, is safe, is backed by a 20+ year warranty, and has a very low O&M profile.

Tom HechtVice President, tenKsolartenksolar.com

We are very impressed with the quality of the APsystems product as well as the ease of installation. The YC500 fits a niche we have in the marketplace and it really is the solution we have been looking for. Since there is no need to add a trunk line, the APsystems microinverters have saved us time and money. It is compact, easy to wire and perfect for our varied system size installations. The dashboard is a welcomed added benefit to our customers.

Jeffrey W. AustinPresident, GreenSeal Power Systemsgreenseal.us.com

“With APsystems and our third-party financing, we are taking an important step towards simplifying and lowering costs of PV system ownership for residential customers.”

Stephane DufrennePresident, Upsolar Americaupsolar.com

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